Tips On How To Reduce Your Energy Bills

Tips On How To Reduce Your Energy Bills.

 Since 2004 the average electricity or gas bill has more than doubled with dual fuel accounts now averaging over £1,100 per year.

There are a three basic ways that you can reduce the amount you spend on energy:

Check You Are On The Best Deal

Check that you are on the best deal.  The difference between the cheapest and the most expensive deals is around £400 for the average house – a 40% swing from the cheapest to the most expensive deal!  There are lots of websites that can help you to switch, or just call your supplier and ask if they can put you on a cheaper deal.

Change How You Use Energy

Change how you use energy.  One of the biggest savings you can make is by turning down the heating in your house, does it need to be on when you are out, 18% of people say they leave theirs on all day;  do you need to sit in shorts and t-shirt when it’s freezing outside, the average thermostat in the UK is set at 23C and one in 20 people has theirs set at 30C.  If everyone turned their thermostat down to 21C in living areas and 18C elsewhere that would be an annual saving of £400 a year.  Other simple ways to save include switching off items rather than leaving them on standby, filling the kettle the amount you need rather than to the top and using a bowl of water to wash up rather than running hot water.

Spend To Save

The final way to make savings on your energy consumption means you need to spend to save.  There are some very cost effective ways to reduce your bills with paybacks in some cases of less than a year.  Some of the simplest and cheapest ways to reduce your bills include:

  1. Change all your lightbulbs to LED – replacing incandescent lighting with LED can save over £100 over the life of that LED bulb.
  2. Install loft insulation – there are still some places that you can get this done for free and it can save an average of £240 per year on heating bills
  3. Draft proofing your home can be done for as little as £250 and can save £25 a year on your heating bills
  4. Replace single glazing with double or secondary glazing, prices vary depending on the size of the house but you could save over £150 per year on heating bills
  5. Replacing an old boiler might cost less than you think and could save you hundreds of pounds a year, especially if you can change from oil or LPG to mains gas.


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